Annese E. Jackson

Annese E. Jackson is an ARMED Managing Director, and the Director of Operations and Enhanced Services for Chicago ARMED. For more than twenty years, Annese has successfully established herself as an expert in both, for profit and non-profit organizations. She is the founding, chief executive officer of ADAM International, Inc. (the Alliance for Domestically Abused Men). Jackson is the executive director of WISH Homes School Foundation, an organization that she founded in the state of Arizona, more than eight years ago. WISH is an acronym for Working to Inspire Students at Home. She is also the director of Classical Conversations of Northwest Indiana, Inc. As a scholarship expert, she teaches high school students and their parents how to find funding for college. Prior to the 911 terrorist attack, Annese successfully owned and operated Prestige International Cruise and Travel Services, Inc. Currently, she serves as the Executive in Charge of Editing for Xavier Publishing House, Inc. She is a retired U.S. soldier, who served during Desert Storm. As a holder of two earned degrees from the University of Illinois, Annese E. Jackson, brings great dexterity and expertise to the Chicago office of ARMED, Inc.