Who We Are

Armed of Chicago & Midwest America

ARMED is an acronym for…”Americans Resisting Minority & Ethnic Discrimination.” This coalition began its operations under the name, “Sincere Citizens Against Racism Everywhere.” The acronym was “SCARE.” While under the name SCARE, the organization addressed some issues involving hate crimes against individuals and major companies such as Michael Donovan and the Nexus Corporation. SCARE was instrumental in successfully addressing the matter of a very derogatory social media post by a car salesperson in Virginia, implying that First Lady Michelle Obama was a gorilla, who deserved to be shot.

Although ARMED serves North, South and Central America, ARMED was formed in July of 2016, in response to the increasing numbers of senseless shootings of Americans by police officers in the United States. The founding and managing directors of the international organization are Rev. Michael Donovan, Rev. Stan Marlin, King Salim Khalfani, Evan Ajin and Rev. Frank Jackson. 

Having been present for most of the high profile cases, involving civilians either being killed by, or horribly abused by police officers across the United States, ARMED and its TV film crew has amassed an enormous amount of video footage for television news purposes.

Soon after ARMED was formed, Rev. Frank Jackson created Chicago ARMED to address the issue of grave injustices against American citizens. Based in the Windy City, Chicago ARMED is in the ideal location for reaching out to, and addressing issues of injustices and catastrophic events throughout West and Midwest USA. 

Jackson, along with King Salim Khalfani, the managing director for ARMED of Richmond Virginia, have logged a great deal of air travel miles, in the pursuit of justice in some of America’s most tendentious hot spots. These hot spots include Baton Rouge LA, St. Paul and Minneapolis MN, North Miami FL, Charlotte NC, etc. ARMED has also covered major news events like the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in Cleveland, Ohio and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, respectively.

By design, Chicago ARMED, which serves West and Midwest America, Canada and Central America,  is strategically based in Chicago Illinois, the city that serves as a gateway to West and Midwest USA. The managing director for Chicago ARMED is Annese E. Jackson.